Welcome to ICLBI 2018

International Conference on Logistic and Business Innovation. This conference is a part of CIRAE (International Multi Conference on Innovative Research and Applied Engineering), more information available at cirae.petra.ac.id. The conference will be held in :

Bali, Indonesia on 26-28 Sept 2018.

Location : Holiday Inn Resort Baruna Bali, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Organized by : Institute for Community Research & Education and Continuing Education Center, Petra Christian University


The world now is change especially the way of people spend their money. Now people have many ways to get products they wants. They can buy products using offline or online store. The difference way to buy products are generated by big leap in Information Technology.
This affects the way a company to provide their products efficiently and to handle new customer behaviors. Innovations are needed by any business to provide products efficiently and to fulfill new customer behaviors.
There more attention of research on logistics fields and customer behavior in order to create business innovation. The conference’s aim is creating an open forum of discussion about supply chain, customer behavior and social Science themes.
This multidisciplinary research field opens participation to researchers, professionals, students, public and private institutions, local administrations and any other organizations which may be interested in being part of this exchange and meeting place


“To give contributions on research and application of logistic and supply chain innovation and strategic continuously with focus on sustainability. Moreover, growth of interest in behavior science research can be attributed to the economic situation that affects certain consumers. Interest in consumer behavior research continues to grow, significant long-term changes can be expected to occur in consumer behavior. Future consumers will go through a process of consumer socialization that is very different from the current consumer, and this will affect consumers' expectations, attitudes, preferences, and very different shopping habits”


  1. To be a media for researchers on logistic, supply chain and business innovation to share their research and collaboration
  2. To have continually conference every two years
  3. To have collaboration between any organization that concern on logistic, supply chain, customer behaviour and business innovation